We have quite a history with Blake Shelton around here.  His face is plastered on several of our old Countryfest posters in the hallway in fact.  

blake shelton 1
photo by Richie from poster

He looks pretty much like he looks today in this photo from 2010's Countryfest.  And his hair is still pretty short here from 2006.

blake shelton early
photo Richie

But if you click on this link from CNN.com, you will see him way back in the early days from an outdoor show that he did in Oklahoma.  The hair is hysterical (hey, I'm a little jealous, I will admit).

Somewhere on some hard drive I have a shot of my son with Blake years ago.  By the time I find it, Ben will be a senior citizen, but I think it was Blake with longer hair.  I'll keep you posted. Do YOU have any old Countryfest shots?  I mean REAL old? Would love to see them!  Send them to Richie@wgna.com.


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