I think that most of us know that criminals can be some of the dumbest people. First of all, it’s not a good idea to break the law to begin with. Four people got arrested for stealing from a Little League snack bar.

Watervliet Little League Field

According to a story from AP, there was a trail of  trash, like candy and empty Cheetos, cookies and chips packages. This happened near San Diego, California.

In another part of the story from the U.T. San Diego News, police were called about some noise at the Rolando Little League snack bar around midnight, about a week ago, . When the police got to the snack bar, they saw the garbage leading them from the snack bar, all the way to where the alleged thieves car was parked. The car was parked outside the home of the thieves.

After police searched the home, they also found more property including  a cash register from the snack bar. The people that got arrested for burglary charges were two women, one man and a girl. I’m always glad to see a criminal being caught, especially when it has something to do with kids.


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