A man was allegedly driving the wrong way in downtown Albany, early Saturday morning, and ended up crashing the vehicle.


In the story from News 10 ABC, an Albany Police officer saw someone drive an SUV the wrong way on Columbia Street. The driver hit a snow bank after he took a right turn to go into the tunnel near the Capital Rep building. As the officer started to follow him, it was alleged that he put the SUV into reverse, and went through the tunnel that went into the parking garage. That was at 625 Broadway. Still inside of the garage, it wasn’t long after that, that the vehicle crashed into a concrete wall.

That led to the arrest of two men. 32-year-old Rudolph Bradley from Green Island. He was the driver. Bradley ended up with a number of charges including Reckless Endangerment and DWI.

The passenger 45-year-old Todd Watkins from Troy, was also arrested because police discovered that he allegedly was carrying heroin, an also he had a parole warrant. Both men took another ride. This time it was to the Albany County Jail.