You've passed it a ton of times, it's been there for almost 30 years and now, a feature Downtown Albany McDonald's is closing.

You may have gone there after a show at the Times Union Center. You may have stopped on your way home (with a safe DD) from a bar. Now, you'll have to imagine that corner without the golden arches. The McDonald’s at Madison Avenue and South Pearl Street will be closing at the end of the year, according to the Times Union.

Back in 1992, McDonald's and the Albany Housing Authority came to an agreement and then 2 years later, the city’s historic preservation panel allowed them to put a sign in the city's busy intersection. Now, with the Albany Housing Authority lease ending on December 14th, McDonald's will not be renewing.

They didn't give a specific reason why they don't want a franchise in that area anymore and with the announcement so new, there's no word on what may replace it yet. One though is a grocery store. This isn't the first business moving out of that area and local councilmen are looking to Mayor for help in how to revitalize the area.

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