Flat Creek Border Collies in Montgomery County was recently investigated for leaving 70 dogs outside in subzero temperatures and dangerous winter conditions.

According to WTEN, "As the investigation continued, and based upon the recommendations of a licensed veterinarian and consultation with the New York State Attorney's General Office, the owner of the property, Herbert Weich, was charged with a violation of the Agriculture & Markets Law section 353-B(2), for failure to provide adequate shelter."

Although animal rights advocates were happy to hear that 31 dogs were surrendered to the Montgomery Country SPCA, and 10 more were recently taken, that still leaves 30 dogs that are still living in these risky conditions of this local breeder in Root, New York.

In an article on News10, the owner admitted that he'd like to get the last 10 back on his property. Furthermore, if he improves his care and provides adequate shelter and food by January 21, he may be allowed to keep the remaining 30 dogs that were not removed. While some think that the owner was providing adequate shelter, others strongly disagree considering the extreme winter conditions that hit the Northeast this month.

We'd like to know what you think. If Herbert Weich builds proper shelters and provides proper care, should he be allowed to keep the remaining 30 dogs on his property? Please leave your comments in the section below. In the meantime, the Montgomery Country SPCA could use your help with donations and helping to find proper homes for the surrendered dogs (518-842-8050).

Subzero Dog Shelter

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