Let me first say that I think it's awesome that there are a bunch of restaurants in the 518 that accept our furry friends to dine with us. Unfortunately, I can't participate because my dog, Freddie, isn't the kind of dog that would sit nicely at a restaurant. Although I did find a ton of restaurants that accept the well behaved kind.I always love when I am walking in Saratoga Springs or in Lake George and I see patrons dining outside with their dogs near their table or laying down under their chairs enjoying a day out with their owners. As I was preparing to write this, I was pleasantly surprised how many restaurants in each of the capital region cities that do accept them.

There is a pretty comprehensive list done by Bring Fido that gives each city's restaurants and which ones are pet friendly and how those patrons felt dining with their pets. You can scroll down and click the cities in the capital region to see which ones want you there with your dog.

Do you look for a place that also accepts your dog when you go out to eat?

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