At this point in 2020, no story should shock or surprise you.

The pandemic, murder hornets and well just the general insanity that has happened in 2020 has made it one of the craziest years ever. Even in the final week of the year, 2020 is just not ready to give up. Now, it's squirrels attacking humans. Yes, those cute fuzzy little rodents are eating nuts and going nuts down in New York City.

According to a Daily Mail report, "...wild squirrels have been attacking residents living in the New York City borough of Queens since last November, leaving many afraid of venturing outside." The attacks, which have included residents getting bit, scratched and jumped on, have been mostly happening in the Rego Park area. Daily Mail says some of the attacks have forced residents to get treatment including one visit to the emergency room and one woman getting a precautionary rabies shot after getting bit on the neck by a crazed squirrel.

So why are these little lawn pests all of a sudden attacking humans? The Daily Mail says experts attribute the aggressive behavior to people feeding the squirrels. Don't these little mad animals know ya don't bite the hand that feeds ya? I guess not! This is just more evidence to back up never feeding the animals!

As we get ready to celebrate the New Year and say goodbye to what has pretty much been a year can't wait to forget, it is only fitting that 2020 gives us one last crazy story as we welcome 2021 with open arms. Hopefully, when we leave behind 2020 we will also leave behind the nasty squirrels, murder hornets, the pandemic and all the terrible gifts the year has given us.

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