In an attempt to "not feel old"  some moms are choosing to have their children call them by their first name.  It appears to be some sort of trend that is being adopted by parents who say that they want their kids to feel more like "friends" and going by their first name helps with that.  What are you thoughts on this; does being called "mom" make you feel old?

According to an article by The Daily Mail there are moms who are adamant about preserving their youth and have insisted that their children stop calling them "mom" and start addressing them by their first name. Irene told the Daily Mail ‘It made me feel so old. I was in my late 30s — in my prime really — when I first asked them to stop. I didn’t look like a stereotypical, boring (mom). I was incredibly bohemian with long, red hair and flowing skirts. People who didn’t know me were surprised I was a mother. Everyone assumes you’re rather strait- laced when they hear that word. And I didn’t want that.’

Two things come to mind when I think about what would happen if I called my mother by her formal name of "Diane", and both of them are NOT good.



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