I'm getting real tired of spending time on dating apps that just aren't working. I haven't even wanted to try the websites. I think I may have finally found a dating app that I can get behind.

It's new to the scene and it's called "Hater". It matches you with people close by who well, hate the same things as you. I downloaded this app on Sunday and I haven't been able to put it down since.

I've got to admit that it's a genius idea for all of us who are a bit "glass half empty."

Don't worry, it's not all about hate. You can like things too, you just may not be matched appropriately.

Join the app and hate on everything from skinny jeans, the wall or people that say "LOL."

Wouldn't it be great if pure hatred can bring together true love? If you're single, don't wait and check out the app. I can't say that you'll find a match but you will be entertained.

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