Andrea’s coupon tip today: Do not buy these things without a coupon….ever!

It’s so hard for me to go shopping, with or without Andrea.  When I go without her it’s twenty questions; where are you going? Did you print out a coupon?  Do you have the app? And If I forget to use the coupon.....not good!   When I am with her we stand at the counter while she searches through the apps on her phone for the coupon!  But in the long run, we are saving money!

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016
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Andrea mentioned this morning that you should never pay full price for Clothes, Oil Changes, Rental Cars, Ride-Sharing Services and Toothpaste.  There are so many apps to use, you are wasting your money if you are paying full price.

Check out Andrea's Coupon Club for all the details on the apps to use for coupons.  There were a few that were new to me!

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