If you are a Disney movie fan, it was always frustrating when they claimed that a beloved movie needed to be purchased or it would go "into the vault forever". Well it was just announced that the vault will be unlocked and all of the movies will be available. In an effort to not be outdone, Disney has announced that you will soon be able to access all of their movies dating back to the 1920s.

According to Quartzy.com, Disney said it will forever unlock its Disney vault and have all of their movies available on its own streaming service. All of Disney's time-honored classics will be available through Disney Plus, the company's own streaming service.

Not only will their entire movie collection be available, but they will also create original content. Disney Plus will also add Pixar, and the Marvel and Star Wars franchises along with National Geographic. There will be a total of nearly seven thousand episodes of TV and nearly five hundred movies.

The service is set to begin later this year and will be priced to compete with Netflix and Hulu. Disney's CEO says it will be cheaper than Netflix that charges eight to fourteen dollars.

To see the entire library of Disney movies that will appear on the service click HERE.

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