Is it even possible?  $18,000 these days?  What will that actually get you?  According to the Kelly Blue Book website you can, but I want to see if your car made the cu

I don't think I've EVER owned a sports car.  In fact I know so.  I like looking at expensive cars, but it's never been a priority with me personally.  Actually, I think our car is cool looking right now -it's a Toyota Corolla - LOL. I laugh when I see what I just wrote, but I honestly do think it's stylish, and it was a little more than $18,000, but not by much (so I guess it didn't make the list)

Now Kelly Blue Book has their own website where you can find some interesting info, and here is their list of cool, inexpensive cars by today's standards (these are all 2015 models)

Kelly Blue Book Logo
Kelly Blue Book Logo


1.  Fiat 500

2. Subaru Impreza

3. Chevy Sonic

4.Honda Fit 

5.Ford Fiesta 

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6. Honda Civic

7. Jeep Renegade

8.  Kia Soul

9. Volkswagen Golf 

10. Mazda 3 

You can see all the cars in the slideshow on the Kelly Blue Book website.  I sincerely hope you make the grade  and can brag to all your friends that you are not only cool, but not upside down on your payments!


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