I've gotten one ticket in my entire life and it's for something that I didn't even know was illegal and I'm sure you didn't either. You may be breaking the law right now!

I plead the fifth on whether or not I was originally pulled over for a speeding ticket but if I was, it wasn't much over the speed limit and the rest of the road was going about the same. I have a clean record, I was polite to the officer because honestly I had no reason why I was being pulled over in the first place, so it was a pretty uneventful meeting.

When the officer was about to hand me my ticket he said "I'm going to give you a ticket for something you're doing right now that I'm sure you don't know is illegal." WHAT? I look around, I can't figure it out.

Apparently, it's illegal to have anything hanging from your rearview mirror and I had a pair of dice my aunt gave me as a gift for passing my driver's test. I got my ticket, paid the fine, and never hung anything from my rearview again. Did you know that was illegal? I had no idea! Are there any smaller laws you know of that other people may not?

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