I was completely unaware.

I mean, I celebrate this on a pretty regular basis. I think a lot of women probably do. Yes, men, too. This particular thing doesn't discriminate.June celebrates a lot of things, but you may not be aware that June is National Candy Month!

Typically around 2pm, I'm headed to the vending machine to grab something sweet after lunch. It's a bad habit, I know, but a delicious one at least.

Vending Machines
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

I'm a pretty big fan of chocolate, but what girl isn't? You can pretty much guess I'm grabbing a 5th Avenue bar, Mounds, Reese's Cup or if I'm lucky a Butterfinger (they're a rare vending machine treat in these parts.)

Whether you're a chocolate freak or you like something a little more on the gummy side of things, maybe something that more sour than sweet - I'm sure you have a favorite candy that you flock to! Make sure you let me know, but I got to go, my mouth is watering and the vending machine is calling my name!


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