Wow what a lucky break I caught today! I have to tell you it is nearly impossible to get near a driver , even with a press pass. Even when you get a chance to talk to one they are usually in a hurry to get to the next place they need to be. So if I couldn't get an interview scheduled, I did the next best thing, I hijacked someone else's.  The best part it was the one guy everyone seems to want to talk to this year, Austin Dillon.

Sean McMaster
Sean McMaster

As I was walking around this morning waiting for the Nationwide race to start I wandered into the Pits and saw a TV reporter interviewing Austin so I positioned myself just right and as he was trying to walk away I managed to get a minute with him...while he was walking!

I only had a minute so I did my best to get the right questions in and I have to say he was very gracious and friendly. So for today's installment here is Austin Dillon talking about driving the 3 car, getting the pole and strategy for the Daytona 500.


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