According to a new survey 69% of women think that a "dad bod" is sexy. But the good news doesn't end there.  Much of the survey shows that woman are largely in favor of a man who's not particularly muscular at all!  Ladies, how do you feel about this?

Is this is greatest survey ever conducted or complete crap?  I'm a 44 year old dad, I'm not particularly proud of my "pleasantly paunch" look but I do certainly appreciate the love!  Perhaps you ladies really do have a soft spot for our soft spots , or maybe it's just an early Father's Day gift; but either way, thank you! It turns out, 63% of the same women polled also prefer a dad bod over a guy who's in crazy good shape.

  • James Corden over Matthew McConaughey
  • Adam Sandler over Will Smith
  • Paul Rudd over Brad Pitt
  • Vince Vaughn over  Vin Diesel
  • Alec Baldwin over Hugh Jackman

Well maybe not, but according to the survey, us Pudgier Papas have a fighting chance!


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