It's been nearly 6 years since the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" wrapped up season number 8, and many fans wondered if Larry David and company would ever make it back for a ninth season.  Well on Monday, word spread like wildfire about the comeback and fans of "Curb" (like myself) thought that was pretty...pretty...pretty good!

Season 9 of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" will start on October 1st on HBO and while details about the how much of the the previous cast will join him are vague, we do know the show will go on!  Larry Sanders most recently played presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on multiple episodes of "Saturday Night Live" and has done a little Broadway in the 6 years since the improvisational comedy last aired on HBO, but fans longed for the day when he would return as easily the annoyed, often rude, very expressive, and downright hilarious Larry David.  Today, we finally have our answer!

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