A family favorite at the Crossgates Mall will be closing up shop by mid-June.

In what is kind of a surprise development the Disney Store at the Crossgates Mall will be closing for good according to a Times Union story. When Disney announced that they would be closing stores back in March, the Crossgates location was not initially among those set to shut down. Now, the Disney website is saying that is no longer the case and the Guilderland store will close up on or before June 16th. The Times Union says all the merchandise at the store has been marked down 30% with deeper discounts forthcoming as everything gets liquidated.

The Crossgates Mall is always evolving and moving in different directions, and while some brick and mortar stores go by the wayside, the Disney Store always seemed like it would stick around for one main reason: kids love to go in that store! That means parents ended up in there too, which most likely means many purchases by those parents. Trust me, I know from personal experience the number of casual window shopping trips that turned into full-on shopping excursions in that store. Plus, every time we have done Shop wth A Cop with our great local police offers Christmas shopping with local youths, the Disney Story was always the first and most popular stop.


That said, Disney may be closing now, but is it for good? The Times Union notes this is the third Disney store to close over the last few decades, including another Crossgates and Colonie Center locations.

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