I am a big fan of the holidays. I love getting together with family on Thanksgiving eating turkey and watching football. I absolutely love Christmas as well. It is my favorite time of the year. One thing I am not a fan of is Black Friday. I never go out of my way for the deals, it just gets too crazy for me and would rather shop on my own time than get up at some crazy hour to maybe get a deal if the item is still there. 

There is a website called buynothingdosomething.org that is inviting folks to not be a part of the craziness that is Black Friday. They suggest that you avoid the malls spend time with family and friends this Black Friday. They hammer the point of the madness of  the day with this short but to the point video of mobs of crazy shoppers.

That right there is one of the main reasons I avoid Black Friday like the plague. I don't feel the need to get trampled for a deal on an HDTV. It's just not worth it!

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