It will still look like the holidays at the Empire State Plaza, but the events you know and love won't be happening.

We now have a new holiday character who is worse than Ebenezer Scrooge. Worse than the Grinch. And its name is COVID-19.

News 10 is reporting in the interest of public safety as the pandemic rolls on, the Office of General Services (OGS) is canceling the tree lighting, fireworks, and ice skating for the coming season. The one bit of good news is Christmas trees will still go up at the Plaza. So while events may not be able to happen, you will still be able to enjoy the sights of the season at the Plaza. The OGS is currently soliciting for tree donations for the plaza.

I gotta say I am not surprised by this one. While I am sure many of the area's smaller and less attended events will go in, I think we all knew the bigger events would have the plug pulled. But the beauty of the season when it comes down to it is the Spirit of Giving. What lives in our hearts and how we treat others cannot be taken away by a virus or a pandemic. So while we may not have huge tree lightings and parades this year, the spirit of the season will be stronger than ever as we spend more time those closest to us!

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