If your like us, you tend to put things off, or forget the things you were supposed to get to have the kids completely ready for school. Well Here are some great but time sensitive deals from Staples to help you out tonight.

STAPLES 1¢ Deals:

•Number 2 Pencils – 1¢

•Hammermill Printing Paper – 1¢ after Easy Rebate (4.99)

•Bic It Marker 5 pack Permanent markers – 1¢ after Easy Rebate (3.00)

•Staples 12 pack Cap Erasers – 1¢

•HP 4 x 6 Photo Paper – 1¢ after Easy Rebate (4.99)

•Pentel Gel Sparkle Retractable Pens – 1¢ after Easy Rebate (2.99)

Buy one of each and spend $15.99 (plus tax) get $15.93 back in a rebate check!!!

I have done the Easy Rebates on line…they really are SO EASY! The rebate check will be mailed to you (it looks like a postcard) in about 3-4 weeks. It’s worth it!

Hurry, this sale ends TODAY!

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