Some country artists and fans have raised questions about gun control.  It's the 500 pound elephant in the room, yet a topic that is a very difficult one to broach.  There's no doubt it's a controversial and polarizing topic and in the wake of the horrific Las Vegas tragedy do you feel it's time to reexamine all safety measures and procedures;  including more stringent gun laws and control?

According to CNBC there is evidence that people are changing their minds, including many country music fans.  It is no secret that the world of country music has established a strong connection to proponents of gun-ownership rights. In 2010, for instance, the National Rifle Association, the leading lobbying group for the gun industry, launched a partnership with the Nashville music scene, called NRA Country. According to its website, the partnership has featured genre luminaries such as Hank Williams Jr., the band Florida Georgia Line and Trace Adkins.

Caleb Keeter guitarist of Josh Abbott Band had this to say regarding gun control after he and his band mates witnessed first hand the horrible acts committed on innocent people just trying to have a good time at a country music show:




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