According to an article in The Altamont Enterprise, a local Vooreesville tavern is "in talks" with Stewart's to sell their business to make way for a bigger better Stewart's shop for the town. Smith's Tavern has been in business in the town since before World War II, and to some has a great historical and sentimental value. Enter opinions and controversy.

Listen I am not a resident of Vooreesville and truth be told I love a good Stewart's shop down the road. That said, of course I understand why some people would be upset with the thought of a local iconic business falling to the way of "progress".

I think however that before everyone gets too bent out of shape that we should remember that these respective businesses are merely "in talks" and nothing has been finalized. It may also be that the family that owns "Smitty's" may welcome a well deserved retirement, I don't know. Only the people involved truly know the details.

The situation does bring about a question that has had people split for a long time. Do we want progress and new business and buildings in our community or do we want history. Do we want our towns to grow and sprint into the future or does small town local ownership take precedent? Personally I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. I think it is important to honor history and to have places that remind us where we come from but I also would not want to live in a town where all the buildings are falling down behind historical marker signs... and I can't find a place to buy milk.

What do you think?