My friend Tracy loves concerts. No, I mean really really loves concerts.  It seems like every time she adds a new photo to Instagram or Facebook, she's literally in the front row or in the pit. She travels too, whether its New York, Boston, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Long Island or Virginia; the party never stops.  I asked Tracy how much she'll spend on concerts just this Summer? Her answer shocked me!

This Summer alone, Tracy has already been to Brad Paisley, NKOTB and FGL (twice), with plans to see Old Dominion (multiple times), Luke Bryan and Tim and Faith.  She's a pretty savvy buyer, however, often times using Stub Hub at the last minute to scoop up unused premium seats.  When Tracy travels, she does so with multiple people keeping her hotel costs down usually not driving more than 6 hours for a show.

All in all, Tracy claims she'll spend around $3,000 on concerts this Summer.  I found this hard to believe as I thought it would be closer to $5,000.  But I believe Tracy, she has nothing to hide.  Her passion for live music is off the charts and I love talking to her about her experiences because she literally lights up when discussing it!  As she explains, "I'm on a concert high right now so everyday I'm looking for new concerts, It's my favorite thing!"

Chances are you'll see Tracy singing and dancing at a show this Summer or Fall in Albany, Schenectady, or Saratoga Springs. Which one you ask?  All of em!!




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