You should probably take two minutes out of your day to watch this adorable viral video.

A nervous mama bear inadvertently caused quite the traffic jam in Winchester, Connecticut while she struggled to get all four of her cubs across the street.  Three of the cubs made it relatively easy for mama, while the 4th had other plans. The video was taken in Winchester, CT which is located just 75 miles southeast of Albany.

The two minute video is something that surely any parent with multiple kids can relate to.  In a hurry to get out of the house, there's always one who would rather push the envelope and dilly-dally while everyone is else ready to go.   It's a bit of a different situation here, but you get the idea.

While Winchester police block traffic in both directions, the mama bear grabs one of the cute cubbies by the scruff across the busy intersection.  As she's doing this, one of the very well-behaved little guy follows proudly along.  Once she gets those two to safety, now it's time to get the other two little furballs.

Photo: Youtube

That's when the third cub decides to make its way across the street all alone; a very bold move!  As this is happening, a fourth cub (on the other side of the street and away from his family) decides to climb a tree but mama wasn't having it.

She races across the street and yanks him out of the tree, but while doing so, another cub follows her.  Now she's got to get both of them across the street and at the 1:20 second mark, she literally appears to be juggling them by their scruff, as one falls from her clench, she picks up another one.

Photo: Youtube

Eventually, the hard-working mama gets all four of her babies to safety while onlookers witness something that they'll be sure to remember for a lifetime.

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