Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest movie opening weekends of the year. Lights Camera Jackson isn't disappointing us this weekend with some great reviews and one of your favorite Disney characters is back!

"Coco" is the story of young Miguel and his dreams of becoming a famous musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz even though his family has banned him from ever exploring music. Desperate to solve the reason why, Miguel enters the Land of the Dead to solve the mystery of his family's history.

Also coming out this weekend is "Olaf's Frozen Adventure." The short starring one of our favorite "Frozen" characters is about Elsa and Anna trying to find family traditions of their own for the season. Olaf goes out to find some Christmas traditions to bring home to Arendelle.

"Justice League" was supposed to be a huge film like "The Avengers" but based on the box office stats, that wasn't the case. Jackson thinks he knows why.

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