I was going to be a little funny and say something like - “When you’re making that long drive up the Northway from the Albany area to Saratoga Springs, you know that you might get a little hungry.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

There’s now a place to stop and get a quick snack to cure your munchies - It’s the exit 9 rest area, in Clifton Park.” In all honesty, this is a pretty cool idea. Vending machines have been installed at the rest area.

But these new machines won’t have Hershey bars or a Peanut Butter Cups in them. They’re Taste NY vending machines. The products that are sold in the machines will be all ‘homegrown’ New York products. Some of the munchies will be Our Daily Eats, which is from Albany, Saratoga Water, Crowley Yogurt from Binghamton, Adirondack Beverages from Scotia, and several other products from around New York State.

According to the story from the Times Union, the Taste NY vending machines were also installed in the Broome County rest area. There are also Taste NY machines operating in some state agency buildings including the State Capitol.