Dorothy Pingelski, a country line dance instructor from Halfmoon Senior Center and a regular member of our Country Kickers, once again led a team of Country Line Dancers to entertain and brighten up the Good Shepherd Nursing Home.

As many people know, I host Country Dance parties all over the Albany area, and one of the greatest things we do with our 'hobby' is bring music and joy to others. From hosting benefit dances for rescue squads, churches, and community centers to live performances and demos, we love to share our passion for music and dancing.

Pingelski heads up a live performance dance team for area nursing homes and senior groups in need of entertainment. We asked her some questions about the group's most recent show at Good Shepherd nursing home in Malta.

Why do you organize these dance performances and who participates?
We enjoy performing for nursing homes because the patients need some entertainment, and what better entertainment than watching country dancing and listening to country music. The dancers at this event included Kathleen Slattery (whose Mom is a resident), Cheryl Dibble, Linda Rice, Nancy Dorrough, Nancy Barnes, Carol Newman, and Rosemary and Bill Gately.

What dances got the biggest reaction?
The one dance that got them clapping and stomping their feet was the Alice Polka, a country style polka performed by Jimmy Sturr. Other hits of the afternoon included Come Dance With Me by Nancy Hays, Blue Ro
se by Pam Tillis, Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, and Love Done Gone by Billy Currington. In all, about 20 residents watched, along with a lot of staff members.

What was the most interesting response to your performance?
One man did not want to come see the show until he heard the music playing, and then he wanted to come out. He responded after that, telling us that he really liked it. The response from everyone was great. They want us to come back again, and I told them we would be back in the fall. It is a joyful feeling to be part of a group to do good for others. It was very rewarding for all of us!

Special thanks to all of the Country Kickers who join Dorothy's traveling dance team and spread our joy of music and dancing to people of all ages.


Courtesy of Dorothy Pingelski