John Conlee
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We recently hosted a small intimate show with Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson at the Saratoga Music Hall. Although artists like Bill Anderson and fellow Opry stars are no longer in the 'mainstream,' the small crowd was extremely appreciative.

After the concert, many fans asked if we would bring another 'legend' or 'Opry' star to the area.  Realizing that mega stars like Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers are not in the budget and big stars like Ronnie Milsap and George Jones would require more people than the Saratoga Music Hall could accommodate, we put together a list of potential Country Music legends that would fit the venue and crowd for this type of show.

Please take a moment to pick the TOP 3 artists listed below that you would actually buy a ticket to see live in concert.  Keep in mind, a small venue also means a higher ticket price ($50-$60) to cover all the production costs.  Thanks for your time and I hope we get enough people to respond to consider doing another 'Classic Country Concert.'


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