Are brick-and-mortar retailers making a comeback? It seems that may be the case.

Maybe it is a sign that retailers are expecting shoppers to return to in-store shopping in droves after being cooped up during the pandemic. Or maybe it is a sign that a great shopping experience for clothes just cannot be replicated online. Whatever the case, it has been some good news of late for new Capital Region clothing stores and our local shopping centers.

According to a Times Union report, American Eagle Outfitters is planning on opening a new store at the Lake George Outlets this coming summer. This is the second big clothing chain to announce a new store opening in the area; Urban Outfitters announced last week plans to open a new location at Crossgates Mall, also in summer 2021. Considering the attrition we have seen with brick-and-mortar retailers over the last few years, it is encouraging to see this upswing. The growth looks like it could continue in Lake George as the Times Union is also reporting the outlets will announcing more new tenants in the near future.

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I honestly think the pandemic is going to shift how we tackle some of our daily tasks like shopping. We have been staying home so much and doing so much at home, the simple act of jumping in the car to run errands, carefree of COVID, is going to be a sweet release from so much time spent laying low. Just getting out and being with people is going to make those tasks we have relegated to phones and keyboards become opportunities to venture back out into the real world.

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