Chatham residents - your song is done.  Lots of people wrote in, and I thank you all for that.  I know the title makes no sense, but I had to go with it

Yes, I did it.  I went with "ChathamHoochie".  Silly? Yes.  But it was a fairly obvious parody choice to me. (Remember Alan Jackson's "Chatahoochie'   Be that as it may - here's your song, guys.  I wish I had some photos to go with this.  If you have any that I would have permission to publish, I will be glad to put them on here after the fact.

                                        Lyrics c2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
                                          Parody of "Chatahoochie", by Alan Jackson
Early last nite down in Chathamhoochie
I passed 4 gas stations and a bowlin alley
Old timers eat at Dan's Diner a lot
And watch the Amtrak train, although you'll never see it stop
One guarantee if you come down here
You're gonna see some cows a-mooin and some big John Deeres
And the village historical society
Works hard to preserve the towns legacy

There was a Monica who traveled with lisa Minnelli

She was Carol Channing's understudy,
More familiar names like the Mallon Brothers,
One lawyer,one principal, and one was a barber
Chatham has their churches lots of good preachers
School has awesome teams that you can cheer from the bleachers
A really great school with an interesting feature
The parents and the kids had the same teachers!
The good old Panthers, that's their mascot
They love them as much as the old town clock
The girls' softball team, they took a little trip
And came home with the state...championship
YpVisit here and you'll see a team of horses now and again
And the best place for pizza - the Pizza Den
                                 And you'll meet a guy in town that the folks know well
                                He calls himself father Chatham, he's Freddie Friedel
                          Now you're all up to speed about Chathamhoochie
                   Written by your friend, Rhymin' Roochie (actually Richie, but that didn't rhyme)
                                           It's your Town Thursday, by the way,
                                           On your favorite country station, 'GNA
                                           On your favorite country station, 'GNA