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Abused Fonda Dogs "Smiled" After Amazing Rescue (Audio)
For many people it was not easy to look at the "before" pictures of the seven Chihuahua's that had been abused and neglected by a Fonda woman.  But the remarkable transformation of these dogs known as the "Lucky 7" , has generated quite the response bringing smiles to so many peo…
Must See Transformation Photos of Abused Fonda Dogs
According to CBS 6 News, a Montgomery County woman was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after police confiscated and rescued 7 Chihuahuas living in horrid conditions over the weekend.
The animals have since been bathed, shaved, cleaned up and are now in the hands of some amazing folks a…
Body of Woman Found on Saratoga Lake
Several sources have confirmed that the New York State Police are currently investigating circumstances that led to discovery of a body found on Saratoga Lake Friday morning.  While multiple sources have confirmed that the body was found  near the shoreline and in relatively "shal…
Watch as Local Man Beats Virus and Hugs Family
Today I watched a video, shared by Mark Mulholland of News Channel 13, with tears in my eyes of a man being wheeled out of Saratoga Hospital as the wonderful medical staff and his loving family cheered loudly. I don't know this man, only that his name according to the report, is Tom Cappelletti.  An…
Free Flights For Healthcare Workers
The true heroes of the coronavirus pandemic are the front line healthcare workers and many companies are taking notice and taking care of those special people. Another company, this time an airline, wants to give healthcare workers free flights.
Local Barbershop Has Proposed Plan to Reopen
When the salons and barbershops were shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they all complied. Now shop owners are ready to reopen and one local barbershop has proposed a plan to show how they can safely do so.
6 New Covid-19 Symptoms to be Aware of
We are all trying to stay healthy and looking out for symptoms may indicate that we have COVID-19. Now the Center for Disease Control has listed six new symptoms that could be part of the coronavirus.
Troy Man Pays Homage to Local Poop-Culture Pioneer
We still don't know how or why toilet paper became the impossible-to-get item hoarding item of the coronavirus pandemic, and quite frankly we may never learn the reason why.  But we do know that without the genius of a local man, there may not be toilet paper as we know it.  Now,…

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