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Rivers EMT’s Heroically Save Man’s Life
Two members of the Security EMT Staff at Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady were honored by the Mayor on Thursday after their heroic efforts literally saved a man's life back on November 14th.
Blood and Plasma Donors in Dire Need
The holidays are right around the corner and there is a dire need for blood donations and now plasma donations due to the coronavirus. There are many places across the Capital Region that are holding blood drives every day.
Time Capsule Found at Leonard Hospital Demo
Leonard Hospital in Troy had been vacant for over twenty years. Demolition of the eyesore started last week and while it was coming down, they discovered a time capsule. Here's what they found inside.
CDC Warns of ‘High Risk’ Thanksgiving Behavior
Thanksgiving is less than two months away and there's a pretty good chance you'll be doing a fair amount of traveling, shopping and gathering with friends and family.  In a year unlike any other, the CDC has listed specific guidelines that they claim will keep you and your family safe…
Botox or Not To Botox? Love Cowboy Answers
Roscoe in Latham writes:
My girlfriend is in her late 30's and during the pandemic, she's really used the time off from not working to get herself into great shape.  She recently told me that she also wants to get some botox and lip fillers to complete the look she's always desired.  I've yet to real…
Cape Never Comes Off September’s Hometown Hero
Maureen White-Schock of Ballston Spa is not only on the front lines at Albany Medical Center dealing with the high stress, high demand job of the health care world during the pandemic, but continues her job when she gets home.  While she certainly is grateful to be blessed with a wonderful husband a…
First Suspicious Seeds-Now Mysterious Masks
A couple of weeks ago, random people throughout the United States were getting suspicious seeds in the mail. The latest is an unsolicited package containing a face mask. Here's what to do if you receive one.
Suspicious Seeds Being Mailed -Do Not Open
When you go to your mailbox to get your bills, or maybe another stimulus check, be on the lookout for a suspicious package. These disguised packages could contain seeds that could be very harmful. Here's what to look for.
Eating Healthy? There's a Packaged Salad Recall
If you have been eating healthy and buying those bagged salads that are pre-cut and washed for you, you are going to want to check your fridge. There is a recall of a major brand that is causing an intestinal infection. Here are the details.

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