I'm proud to say that this year, the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' program has partnered with the Academy for Character Education at Russell Sage College, Rensselear County Executive Kathy Jimino's office, and Mayor John McDonald of Cohoes to take a strong stand against a growing trend in America-BULLYING.  Here's the strategy.  Hopefully, by writing fun songs with elementary kids that contain a serious anti-bullying message within, the message will "stick".  It's a long uphill battle, however, but hopefully it have some kind of impact if we keep at it!

I had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Kosinski's 1st grade class.  Mrs. Mohr was also there to help out.  The kids were ready to write, and anxious to tell me everything bad about bullying.  They seemed to definitely know what to do if it ever happened to them, and I was impressed by that.  Maybe they've been reading about it.  Well, they are bookworms, you know. In fact here's a picture of the class bookworm:

castleton bookworm

And now, without further adieu, here's the Castleton Kids' Anti Bullying Song-with                                                           lyrics transcribed by Mrs. Kosinski herself!




rrr castleton lyrics



Thanks again to the kids and Mrs. Kosinski for letting me come in, and thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets and a great new sponsor, Cap Comm Federal Credit Union for making it all possible.

P.S.  October is Anti-Bullying month.  Help us spread the message:  "Stand Up For Character, Down To Bullying!"

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