I would have to say most of Keith Urban's songs are more popular with the ladies than with the men.  This is probably since he is a "dreamy" country star who sings about a woman and about love, would you agree?  However, the man can jam out on a guitar probably better than anyone I've ever seen in concert. I remember when he was here back in November of 2009 -- his guitar playing skills were phenomenal!

This past Saturday, of course, was the Keith Urban concert with Jake Owen as his opener, at the Times Union Center.  And though I will flat out admit I didn't stay through the whole thing, my all time favorite Keith Urban song would have to be "Your Everything."  One of the reasons I love this song is because I saw him play back in '09 during his backstage experience.  Him playing and singing that song acoustically, in such an intimate situation, made it become one of my favs of all time.  Call me a hopeless romantic if you will or, just a chick, but that Keith Urban song is forever a great one.

Here is him singing "Your Everything":

What is your favorite Keith Urban song?  Did you go to the concert Saturday night?  If so, do you now have a new favorite song by him or did it stay the same?