About two weeks ago, I accepted the challenge from Special Olympics to participate in "Over the Edge."  I blogged about the challenge and what exactly I'm going to have to do.  However, I still haven't even gotten close to my goal.

Each "edger" must raise $1,000 in order to rappel off the Crowne Plaza in downtown Albany on September 16th -- this coming fall!  If you go to my donor page, like I just did, it's pretty pathetic.  I'm only at -- wait for it -- $0!  Yikes!  That just puts me down in the dumps.  What's even more disappointing, is that I got an email Thursday night saying another edger raised about $300 in their first week.  I'm depressed.

Anyone can donate as much money as they want, whether it's $5, $10 or $100.  All contributions are most appreciated.  And the best part, all that money is going to a great cause -- Special Olympics.