Whether it be too hot, rainy, or even great weather, summertime means that great movies are coming out and you need to see them. Want to know the movies that are worth seeing and the ones that aren't, Lights Camera Jackson knows!

The biggest movie coming out this weekend is Cars 3. The third in the franchise, this movie follows the legendary Lightning McQueen as he ages out of the sport he loves. That's when he meets Cruz Ramirez, a young technician who has her own ideas of winning. This movie follows the process and emotional journey of Lightning McQueen preparing for the biggest stage of his life. The other movie that's coming out this weekend that Jackson discussed was "All Eyez On Me," a biopic on the life and tragic death of Tupac Shakur.

Also, next week is the premiere of the reboot of The Gong Show starring famous host Tommy Maitland. If the name doesn't sound familiar, no worries because he doesn't exist. It's Austin Powers & Shrek actor Mike Myers completely in costume.

Want to know what Jackson though? Take a listen. Want to know what he's thought of past movies? You can find Lights Camera Jackson at Lights-Camera-Jackson.com.

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