American Idol winner and multi CMA and Grammy Winner Carrie Underwood has found another dark dramatic hit. Much like her last hit 'Blown Away,' 'Two Black Cadillacs' is riding up to No. 1 on the Country charts while filling the dance floor.

In addition to the dance listed below, other dance suggestions include 'Country Slide' or 'Walk Of Life.'

Music:  Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood
32 count, 4-wall  beginner/intermediate line dance
Choreographed by Cheryl Dibble

Heel, Hook, Side Shuffle,  ¾ Turn Triple Step, 1/2 Turn Pivot, Step

1-2       Touch R heel to right diagonal, hook R over L

3&4      Right side shuffle  RLR

5&6      3/4 left turning triple step  LRL

7-8        Step forward on R, pivot ½ left, weight on L

*Non- Turning Option for counts 5-8*

5&6       Cross shuffle  LRL

7-8         Step right on R, pivot ¼ left, weight on L

Right Rocking Chair, Shuffle Back, ½ Turn Left, Step, Step

1-2       Rock R forward, recover L

3-4       Rock R back, recover L

5&6      Shuffle back  RLR

7-8       Turning ½ left, step on L, step on R (3:00)

Box Shuffle,  Heel, Toe

1&2      Shuffle forward  LRL  (3:00)

3&4      Turning ¼ right, shuffle forward  RLR  (6:00)

5&6      Turning ¼ right, shuffle forward  LRL  (9:00)

7-8        Touch R heel, touch R toe

Step Turning ¼, Step;  Behind-Side-Cross-Side Rock;  ¼ Left Turn Sailor Step

1-2        Step right on R, turning ¼ right;  step L next to R

3&4      Step R behind L, step L to side, cross R over L

5-6        Rock to left on L, recover on R

7&8       Left sailor step, turning ¼ left  (9:00)

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