Twitter is a great place to spark a debate, but it's the perfect place to settle one when you have 8.3 million followers, as Carrie Underwood does. The country megastar and her husband Mike Fisher were at a standstill in an important breakfast debate, so she decided to poll her audience.

Are donuts breakfast? That's what Underwood wanted to know, and more than 95,000 of her followers chimed in.

"I say breakfast and only breakfast," the "Good Girl" hitmaker explains in a tweet on Saturday (Aug. 8). "Mike says they’re never breakfast and only allowed as dessert. What do you think?"

Nearly 80 percent of those who took the poll agreed with Underwood — donuts are a breakfast staple.

"I'm [not] really sure you should stay married to someone that thinks donuts are a dessert?" one follower jokes in response to the star's poll. "I'm glad we could help with this one Carrie!" another says.

Underwood seemed thrilled to have won the argument with her husband, tweeting in victory: "In your face, Mike Fisher," with a slew of donut emojis.

Underwood and Fisher — who are parents to two sons, 1-year-old Jacob and 5-year-old Isaiah — are fresh off a much-needed weekend away together, where the country singer celebrated another victory: outfishing her husband.

She'll be back to work next month when she releases her first-ever Christmas album, My Gift, expected Sept. 25.

"I think it’s turned out to be the perfect time for an album like this, in this period of such personal and spiritual reflection,” Underwood explains of the project. "For me, it’s more important than ever to focus on the true meaning of Christmas in a project like this."

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