Carrie Underwood's hit, "Before He Cheats," gets a political spin with a fan-made spoof titled "Before He Tweets," inspired by the Twitter musings of President Donald Trump.

A YouTuber named Dustin & Genevieve uploaded the video in January of 2017 that parodies the Underwood hit and pokes fun at the President and his controversial tweets that have garnered much media attention. When the Donald tweets what's on his mind / Well his petty little tweet beefs make headlines / Someone block this thin-skinned lunacy the fan sings in the chorus.

In addition to the humorous lyrics, the video also features a young boy dressed as the president with his face painted orange and wearing a business suit and signature Trump wig, stomping around a makeshift White House. He also riffs on some of the most buzz worthy Trump jokes, including eating a taco bowl on Cinco De Mayo, tweeting from all parts of the White House (including the toilet) and sitting on a lounge chair while eating a bag of Cheetos.

Hey Mr. President and leader of the free world / Well the next time that you tweet / Oh, just hit delete, Genevieve sings later in the song. The couple features several other parody videos on their YouTube channel, including Adele's "Hello," "We Are the Champions" by Queen, the Lion King classic "Circle of Life" and more.

Underwood kept her political opinions to herself during the 2016 election cycle, telling Rolling Stone Country that she wanted fans to "do their own homework" and vote for the candidate they believe is best. "I don't want people to vote for somebody because I told them to," she says. The "Dirty Laundry" singer performed her new duet with Keith Urban, "The Fighter," at the 2017 Grammy Awards. She revealed on the red carpet that she will be taking some time off in 2017 after her whirlwind Storyteller Tour.

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