A year ago I would never think that I would blog about the New York Knicks.

The Knicks have over the last decade taken the term "suck" to a new level.

The NBA is not a fun league to write about unless you lived in LA with the Lakers, San Antonio with the Spurs, Miami with the Heat and Lebron, or Cleveland because you were mad as hell that Lebron went to Miami.

Other than Spike Lee, nobody has been excited about the Knicks until today.

Carmelo Anthony, who took Syracuse to a NCAA championship as a freshman and then went into the draft is coming home to New York.

This is great news for the NBA and the Knicks. The Knicks have been playing very good this season and will be in the playoffs this year.

With the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the roster, they will now be expected to win in the playoffs, at least in the first round. Next season with Carmello in town for a whole season the sports press will be talking championship. Welcome home Carmello!

This video shows you what Carmello Anthony can do for the Knicks, as he lit up the Lakers for 34 points.

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