Walmart has released a new pandemic friendly Black Friday plan.

And it is all in an effort to curb Black Friday crowds. NBC News is reporting Walmart will now spread its Black Friday sales across 3 weekends in an effort to reduce the number of people trying to visit the store a once. The store is calling the extended event "Black Friday for Days." The deals will kick-off online November 4th and in-store November 7th. Walmart will still hold an event on the traditional Black Friday to wrap up the new format. The NBC News says the move by Walmart is to not only limit crowds, but in response to consumers wanting to start holiday shopping early this year.

Now the bigger question remains: we see the videos every year of the overzealous shoppers who end up wrestling with each other over the last television left in the store. Will this be enough to maybe quiet that insanity down? Hopefully spreading the deals out and keeping things a little quieter becomes something that lasts after the pandemic is over. For those of us who still like to do our shopping at brick and mortar stores to get into the holiday spirit, I think we would appreciate smaller shopping crowds and a little less congestion any year, not this just year. So Walmart, once you make the pandemic changes, keep them in place from now on! All shoppers would love a little more peace to go with their holiday spirit while shopping.

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