The state Attorney General has worked out a settlement deal that will give you the premium channels for free!

As part of a $174 million settlement from a lawsuit which stemmed from TIme Warner Cable overselling their internet speeds, the Times Union is reporting Spectrum has agreed to give free HBO or Showtime to customers. So what can you expect from this deal? Here are the agreement terms according to the Times Union:

  • Spectrum will refund $62.5 million to customers who's internet equipment was subpar and could not reach promised internet speeds. Refunds will range from $75-$150
  • 3 months of Free HBO or 6 months of free Showtime will be provided to customers who get both TV and internet
  • Internet only customers will be offered a free month of thr Spectrum Streaming service, with Showtime included

So depending on your Spectrum status and usage, you could have a refund and freebies coming your way! If you are getting part of this settlement, Spectrum will be reaching out to make arrangements for the refunds or services if you are due.





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