I pride myself on trying new things, appreciating the Capital Region and I found a list that made me realize that Capital Region, I have failed you, and I'm sorry.

Every so often we post a list of the best places to eat in the Capital Region. This is one of those lists, this one is about pizza, but this list hurts. To me, pizza is the greatest food to ever exist. You can eat it for every meal, you can put anything on it, and it's just amazing. So, whenever I see these "Best Pizza Places" lists, I have to look and critique.

New York Upstate was the most recent that I saw to post about the best pizza places in Upstate New York. Granted, Upstate New York isn't just the Capital Region so I narrowed it down even further. According to this list, these are the must-have pizzas in the Capital Region:

  • Kay's Burden Lake Restaurant (Rensselaer County)
  • Marino's Flying Pizza and Restaurant (Schenectady County)
  • The Pizza Shop (Warren County)
  • DeFazio's Pizzeria (Rensselaer County)
  • 9 Miles East Farm (Saratoga County)

How is it that pizza is my favorite food, I love trying new things, and I've lived in the Capital Region my entire life and I've only been to one of these? Yelp marks these as the Capital Region best-of-the-best and I have failed. Is it because I'm stuck in a pizza rut? Is it because these places are usually so popular, I tend to shy away? I don't know. What I do know is that I have some pizza to eat and I'm not mad about the challenge.

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