The holidays are fast approaching and scammers are ramping up. There is a new gift card scam that is targeting special services in the Capital Region. Here are the details. Most of us do our shopping online, whether it's actual products or goods and services. With the holidays coming up, this is a very important scam that you should be aware of. It's targeting local businesses from a gift card website. Here's what we know.

According to the, there is a warning to all who shop for gift cards online in Warren County. The sheriff's office is alerting Capital Region customers about a website that is targeting several local hair and nail salons with fake gift cards. The hair and nail salons would be listed on the site but have no affiliation with them or the gift cards. After the customer would purchase the gift card, they wouldn't be valid.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office says that the website the gift cards were purchased on would charge victims for gift cards online. Then when they would try and redeem them, they would discover that these businesses had nothing to do with the website.

This is a good reminder to everyone who shops or buys gift cards online to be cautious when making purchases with unfamiliar websites. It is also important to be reminded that you should not give out any personal information through emails from unfamiliar senders. Also if you receive suspicious or unsolicited phone calls for money or gift cards, do not give out personal info.

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