Have you ever been on a ghost hunt? Wanted to stay over in a haunted building? I love this stuff. On TV, I've watched them all from Ghost Adventures, to Paranormal State, to Ghost Hunters- I love it. The minute I saw this creepy photo out of Cambridge, NY they had me hooked.

Landowners of the woods where the picture was found placed trail cameras in that area to deter people from hanging out around there. According to News10 ABC, said this area off of Route 74 in Cambridge, NY was going to be used for hunting and they didn't want people exploring to scare away the animals.

When going through the pictures, they came across this picture of a girl alone in the woods and wanted to make sure that she's okay. Chief Bell confirmed that the picture is real and put it out to the public to identify the little girl. It's been a few weeks and no one has come forward so the imagination of the people of the village of Cambridge have run wild. Who is she? Is she a ghost?

If you have any answers to the identity of the little girl, Cambridge Police asks that you reach out to them with any information.

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