We live in New York so we're used to snow but it doesn't mean we have to like it. Busch Beer is changing the winter for some New Yorkers and may actually make high amounts of snow a good thing.

Busch Beer is kicking off "Busch Snow Day" this year by giving certain US cities a dollar off of beer for each inch it snows, according to Thrillist. The cities are: Des Moines, Iowa; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Fargo, North Dakota; Omaha, Nebraska; Buffalo, New York; and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Technically, we still have to suffer in the snow and don't get money off of beer but our New York neighbors in the west seem to have hit the beer jackpot. I don't know if Busch knows what they're doing by picking Buffalo, who is known for getting ungodly amounts of snow. Albany may have been the better choice with the only handful of big snowstorms we've gotten so far this year.

So far, Buffalo has the highest number with 4.8 inches of snow. In each of the cities, there are interactive billboards keeping track which we can watch on their website.

Is it here? No, but we're not too far, grab some beers in Buffalo and get some money off! Stock up now!


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