The Brothers Osborne have joined the ranks of those celebrities who are trying to get people to the polls to vote this November. As part of the #VoteIRL campaign, the brothers filmed a short, silly video that encourages voter registration.

In the video, which readers can watch above, TJ Osborne tries to hold his breath for one minute and 34 seconds -- the average amount of time it takes to become a registered voter -- as his brother John strums his guitar and muses about scenarios that people probably shouldn't hold their breath for.

"If you think George Strait is gonna record an entire album of nothing but bro-country songs, believe me, do not hold your breath," he says. "If you think Willie Nelson is gonna cut his braids, quit playin' country and stop smoking pot all in the same day, do not -- I repeat, do not -- hold your breath."

The Osbornes are just two of many celebrities who have been encouraging people to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Aside from encouraging participation in the democratic process, the Brothers Osborne are keeping busy on their first-ever headlining tour, the Dirt Rich Tour; the trek will keep them on the road through January (the same month that the new president will take office).

Pawn Shop, Brothers Osborne's full-length debut album, is available for purchase on iTunes.

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