It seems as if each year, Great Escape adds a new ride to outdo themselves and after some discussions with the planning board, they may be doing it again in 2020.

You may know that Great Escape has had an idea for a new ride for a little while now but the people of Queensbury were doing their best to keep it from coming to fruition. Where the ride was originally going to be placed caused sound issues for the nearby community.

Great Escape was hoping to bring another ride to GhostTown but doing that would break height and decibel levels according to the town. With some members of the community, the issue isn't even how loud the music is but the fact that it's the same repeating music over and over again. The community was hoping that the town board would turn down the new ride's proposal. Now, after some debate and an agreement to move the ride, according to the Post Star, the ride has been approved.

Based on a previous Post Star article, the ride we should be expecting a 165-foot-tall ride that will spin you for 90 seconds. The hope is that by moving the ride, Great Escape can continue to grow and residents won't have to worry about seeing the ride from beyond the park or worrying about the added noise. No word on when we can expect the new ride at the park.

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