Brad Paisley is on the road right now as part of his Country Nation College Tour, but he tweaked the tour dates just a bit by adding an impromptu stop at an elementary school in Nebraska last Friday (Oct. 14).

Field Club Elementary posted a YouTube video featuring his hit "Welcome to the Future" that showcased their school and the students' desire to attend college, even at such an early age. In the video, they asked Paisley if he could swing by for a visit when he was in the area for a tour date. Paisley's father sent the viral video his way, and he made the elementary students' wish come true.

“They took a song that really means a lot to me in ‘Welcome to the Future,’ and put that to video with the signs that said ‘Please come see us’ and all that, and that kind of thing always gets to me,” the 43-year-old singer says (quote via the Omaha World-Herald). “It’s really powerful.”

Paisley performed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Thursday evening (Oct. 13) and was scheduled to be at the University of Kansas the following night. But he couldn't help but make an extra stop in between after seeing the adorable faces asking for his presence. The students didn't even have a clue he was coming.

“I think the best message they can get today is that they matter,” Paisley says of Field Club students. “They matter enough that someone who’s busy touring would stop and sing them a few songs, and that’s a good feeling to give somebody. They matter to me.”

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