When you think of Brad Paisley, you might think of his rich discography, his love of comedy, his serious guitar-playing prowess or even his signature cowboy hat. One thing that likely doesn't come to mind, however, is Paisley's talents in the visual arts.

In January, Paisley teamed up with artist Rob Hendon to spray paint a mural on a Bridgestone Arena wall in honor of Nashville's beloved hockey team, the Predators. The finished product reflects Paisley's own personality as much as it does the spirit of Nashville: A saber-toothed cat (the Predators' logo) chomps down on an acoustic guitar, flanked by a gigantic catfish, a white cowboy hat and the word "Smashville."

"I came up with the rough idea of the Predator logo biting a guitar," Paisley explained in a recent press conference. "He drew his guitar, and I did this catfish -- you know we like our catfish in this town -- and then we incorporated a bunch of other fun stuff."

It wasn't Paisley's first attempt at graffiti art, though: "I'd always painted and drawn and stuff, but more recently I got into walls," he recalls. "At my house, there was this really boring, concrete wall with nothing on it. I thought, 'Heck with this!' I bought a bunch of spray paint and went to town, and covered the whole wall within a couple of days. It was surprisingly faster than I thought it would be."

The country star believes that his musical talent and his inclination towards the visual arts come from similar creative places: "It's exactly the same muscle," Paisley says. "Writing a song, doing a painting, coming up with a concept for a video or a TV commercial -- it's all exactly the same."

"It's borne out of a blank canvas," he adds. "It's the idea of thinking, 'What can we put on here to grab attention and entertain?'"

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